GoldenEye 007


1. To run faster hold left or right C buttons while holding forward.

2. Use C buttons whenever possible.

3. When trying to get cheats, only shoot guards that you really need to, otherwise you will slow down.

4. Use silenced weapons on missions where stealth is needed.

5. Some guns use the same bullets ({PP7, D5K, Distoveii, Klobb}{Sniper's Riffle, KF7}) so be careful not to run down the ammo in one gun and end up with none for you other guns.

6. In multiplayer use OddJob, he is small and opponents have to alter their sights to shoot you. The female Moonraker elite is also small.

9. To cycle through weapons backwards, hold A and tap Z.

10. To detonate a remote mine, hold A & B.